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Paid a good bit of $ for this to shoot in a match recently; I had purchased Hornady "M1" ammunition before and got a 'bait and switch' from Midway USA to this stuff. Using a Korean War era M1 with which I have won state championships, the rifle could not group better than 1' and was way off target.
Lest ye think it was the idiot behind the rear sight, I went to SW Gun Club and fired 8 rds (ie, one clip) at 100 yds on the NRA SR1 target (simulated 200yd target). Using Lake City 1967, 52 year-old milsurp ammunition, GI ball.
After 2 rounds to dial the rifle back in, the last 6 rounds were X, X, 10, 10, 10, 9.
I have sent Hornady an email, and will be posting a review on Midway USA.
This stuff is a waste of $$$.
My opinion, worth what you paid for it.
Caveat emptor.
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