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Hoster Options? CA Undercover 3"

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Hoster Options? CA Undercover 3"

I'm looking for a good quality, IWB hoster for my Charter Arms 3" .38 Undercover. This is one of the old original Charter Arms Undercovers with the slim wooden grips, 5-shot, un-shrouded rod, hammer. I've heard that it should fit any j-frame holster fine, but I just wanted some more opinions before I start spending. Has anyone had experience with holsters for this gun? Any ideas? Questions, comments, smartalec remarks?

Thanks ya'll.

EDIT: Changed to proper length
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Re: Hoster Options? CA Undercover 3"

IWB, right hand, anywhere between the 2 and 5 o'clock

That should be 3 inch, not 2"; it's amazing what fingers can do when you're not watching them...

Hrdnox said:
2 to 4 is an easier determination as to which works best as far as right and left handed.
You're right, 5 would require an awkward stretch. From the 2 to the 4 is the area I was thinking about. I may call Tagua and ask their opinion, since they don't list that barrel length but the holster is open at the muzzle which makes it look like it may accommodate a longer gun.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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