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    As of this writing, 23 Feb. 2018, House Bill 1083 is referred to Judiciary A of the Senate. The members of this committee are:

    Briggs Hopson Chairman
    Sally Doty Vice Chairman
    Juan Barnett Member
    Barbara Blackmon Member
    Jenifer B. Branning Member
    Joel R.Carter, Jr. Member
    Eugene S. Clarke Member
    Dennis DeBar, Jr. Member
    Joey Fillingane Member
    Hillman Terome Frazier Member
    Dean Kirby Member
    Chad McMahan Member
    David Parker Member
    Derrick T. Simmons Member
    Angela Turner-Ford Member

    I have written the committee members to ask that the bill be passed out of committee for a vote. The bill will die on February 27th if not brought up by the chairman.

    Here is my email to each of the committee members:


    I am writing to ask for your support to pass House Bill 1083 out of committee. While HB 1083 seems to have become controversial since its passage by the House 80-29, HB 1083 is important and needed. Certain public officials have brazenly broken or ignored the laws of this State for several years. We cannot, as an organized and orderly society, tolerate anyone - much less a sworn public officer - breaking the very laws s/he has pledged to uphold. HB 1083 puts a mechanism in place to allow for enforcement of the existing laws. HB 1083 does not change the law as opponents of the bill falsely claim. If those opposing HB 1083 do not like the laws then they need to change them, not remove the average citizen's ability to ensure the law is followed.

    Please pass this bill out of committee for a vote.
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    Since your request deals with concealed carry on MS public property, I would like to write to one or all of the members you have listed. However, I'm not a constituent of any of them and wonder if it is a gesture in futility?
    If it would show "general public" support I would gladly respond.
    Your interest and involvement in this area are appreciated.
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    Thank you for the update.
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    Guess I am wondering the same thing, did gunluvinatty post this hoping to encourage many of us to also send letters to all the members of the committee as did he or should we only send a letter to our Senator if they are one of the members?
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    Honestly, with Barbara Blackmon on the committee I fear this is the kill committee as it relates to this bill. Sure hope I am wrong.
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    I wrote them all. I posted the addresses and names so anyone so inclined could do the same. None of the committee members are in my district.
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    Might make it through after all. Not sure if the Senate amended the bill a bit more or if it means the way the House had already amended it. Surely someone more in tune with what is taking place can fill us in with the details. The only amendment noted in the history is the House amendment item #4, since there is no notation of an amendment by the Senate it could be passed as they received it. Fingers crossed.

    History of Actions:
    1 01/15 (H) Referred To Judiciary B
    2 01/25 (H) Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
    3 02/07 (H) Committee Substitute Adopted
    4 02/07 (H) Amended
    5 02/07 (H) Passed As Amended {Vote}
    6 02/07 (H) Motion to Reconsider Entered (Perkins, Gipson, Bailey, Holland)
    7 02/08 (H) Motion to Reconsider Tabled
    8 02/12 (H) Transmitted To Senate
    9 02/16 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A
    10 02/27 (S) Title Suff Do Pass As Amended
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    The Senate committee (9,10) did not make any amendments, so the next step is the full Senate for debate/vote. Should see that in the next few days.
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    I emailed the Chair & vice chair & couple member2, first thing this morning to pass.
    Glad to hear it at least gone next step, hopefully be passed.
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    While we're on the subject, I have a question regarding arming of school faculty/staff that perhaps you can enlighten me and others about. Specifically, is there any mandated training, etc. required by the State for candidates submitted by school districts as armed "Sentinels" similar to what is required by S. Dakota and some other States?

    Here's how S. Dakota does it for reference purposes:

    South Dakota Attorney General
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    The bill was passed out of committee with amendments.

    Lt. Governor Tate Reeves issued the following statement.

    The Senate Judiciary A Committee passed legislation today to add security to school campuses and offer training for staff, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said today.

    The proposal was placed into House Bill 1083 by Sen. Briggs Hopson. The Vicksburg Republican chairs the committee. The plan would apply to public and private schools, as well as universities and community and junior colleges.

    “The safety of our students while in the classroom should never be in question, but that is not a given in today’s schools, unfortunately,” Lt. Gov. Reeves said. “By allowing more school staff to receive proper training on how to respond to immediate threats, I hope we can avoid the tragedies we’ve seen on campuses around the country and in Mississippi.”

    The amendment allows school leaders the option to seek proper emergency response training through an approved course by the Department of Public Safety. Staff members could provide immediate protection before law enforcement arrives on campus.

    The effort is an expansion of the Mississippi Community Oriented Policing Services program, which passed in 2013. That program matched local funds to place more trained officers in public schools around the state.​
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    'Way to go!! DALLAS!!!!!! Saved in the nick of time.
    Thanks for keeping us informed and your time and effort in this regard. @gunluvinatty
    And to the other members who took the time to write.
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    Look at the Senate amendment, start reading at line 179 where it picks up language about enhanced carry permit holders...follow it down to line 202-203, and you'll see that it adds "any school, college or professional athletic event not related to firearms" to the list of places IC permit holders cannot carry. Note "any school" would include your average Friday night football game, etc. This, in my non-lawyer opinion, is a change to the current privileges IC permit holders have, and goes against the original intent of 1083 as it was introduced.
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    This is correct.
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    So, they poisoned the punch?
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    I guess it depends on your perspective. Under the bill a lot of places will be opened up (or, more accurately, have unlawful bans shot down) but you lose athletic events. As soon as the football coaches and SEC got involved this was almost inevitable. Don't threaten the football gods in the south. IIRC the same thing happened in Arkansas. The amendment adds provisions about arming teachers. If nothing else this serves as a reminder that politics is messy business.