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House Bill 1083

Discussion in 'Mississippi Gun Laws' started by gunluvinatty, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. DCriswell

    DCriswell Distinguished Poster

    Here is my question that I'd like to have some of your input;

    If you were building a school protection program that included arming school employees which would include teachers, principles and staff what would your program be, including training, requal, etc.

    You are welcome to post here or email me personally at

    PS - i'm not implying that 1083 isn't dead (that boat has sailed and sank) but i've learned to always be ready with an answer just incase someone ask
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  2. GunnyGene

    GunnyGene Distinguished Poster

    The S. Dakota model seems pretty good and has been implemented by a few other states with some modifications. Funding, of course, would likely be an issue, especially for school districts and/or individuals nominated for the program. There might be a way to offset some of the cost to individuals (if the School district doesn't fund it) thru the State Tax Code. 80hrs of training as described by the S. Dakota model isn't cheap. But I'll leave that to you. :)

    South Dakota Attorney General
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  3. Whisky367

    Whisky367 Distinguished Poster

    I like the basic tenets of the South Dakota program, but 80 hours seems long. Every school year sees greater competition for a teacher's time. Adding 80 hours, even on a volunteer basis, might be asking a bit much.

    The topics outlined by South Dakota, are spot-on. Perhaps there could be a tiered approach: have a short training that covers the basics of each topic, then follow that up with periodic in-service training to fully flesh out each. Experts aren't trained in a single setting, and instead require repeated, concerted efforts to maintain and refine perishable skills. In other words, a once-and-done isn't going to work here.

    I can't recall if 1083 specifically addressed teacher liability, but I would like to see that any armed (non law-enforcement) school protection program would offer full personal and official civil liability protections to the teacher or staff member. When they are acting in the capacity of teacher/staff, they are acting as an agent of either the state or the institution for which they are employed. Their willingness to take on extra, significant duties should be rewarded by offering an equal degree of protection.
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  4. GunnyGene

    GunnyGene Distinguished Poster

    The S. Dakota program does include requal, I think semi annual but not sure. Good point about liability.

    Anyway, it's simply a place to start that should be customized to fit. :)
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