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how many yards is too far?

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So I was wondering what distances do the F class shooters shoot from. I use to have a little 22 that I could hit beer bottles with open sights at well I don't know but I could her the bottle break after the shoot. I think about 120yards. I would proped up on truck. That was years ago. I would like to get into some real shootin now. I want to reach out there and just see how far is posable.
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I shoot turtles at 350 to 375 easily on the river . Its shooting into the bank so it's Safe . I have hit election signs at over 550 close to 600. But that took my buddy spotting for me
Yea with a 22. I no the rough elevation for the log they sit on so the first shot is to get the Windage the 2nd shot is starting to try to hit them . The other shots were just launch and prey to see the dust kick up. Took about 15 shots to figure it out . I hit the sign after about 20 shot
I shoot brick 22s and my starting point for the turtles is a smidgen above where my veritical crosshair meets the bottom of my scope then I get Windage . Shooting the election sign was with my old open sighted marlin I wood cover it up with the frount sight then keep going up I was Basicly aiming at the top of the trees behind the sign . Im going to have to put a video on YouTube of the other thing I do with the marlin
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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