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How my 340Wby looks to the human eye and the deer's eye

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I took some pictures to show how my 340Wby looks in nature to the human eye then took pictures under different lighting conditions to show how it appears to the deer.

To the human eye:

Now to the deer's eye:

Here is is in a green John boat:

Now once again to against natural back ground:

Here are a few more pictures as humans see the rifle against a natural back ground.

Hopefully will have some range reports soon. Tomorrow I will be working with the 250gr Accubond and Factory 250gr Partitions and some others.
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Nice stock! Very cool. I want one like that for my model 70.

Nice pics too, but the black and white isn't a very accurate representation of what the deer are seeing.
Deer are colorblind, but they do not see in black and white. In fact, they can see blues, purples, and even ultraviolets well. They see somewhat like a person with red/green colorblindness, but better...much better. Every deer hunter would probably agree that a deer's eyesight is not to be taken lightly. I know most of us have spent way too much money on camo gear over the years. I definitely have!

Check out this article I found with a 5 second google search. Very interesting info every hunter should know. My wife is going to be asking me what I am doing wih the black light and my camo, lol. I hate getting busted by a deer!

I'm wasting money on scentaway if I look like a glowstick. LOL

bullet said:
Wonder how I killed so many deer when I was young back in the 70's and never wore camo :)
I know, right!

My grandpa always wore an old pair of cover-alls. I don't recall ever seeing him wear camo and I doubt he was using any scent blocker.
We are such fools! :sheepaid:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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