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How safe do you THINK your guns are?

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I am one of yall too, but just something to think about.
I have mine in a safe. with 1 on the night stand.
If your house were to burn how do you think your firearms would do? I still think mine would suffer as the temp in the safe can reach temps that are harmful to firearms. At what temp do Glocks melt? just a little something to think about.
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:OT2;: Melting point of a Glock---->I believe its softening point is 260 C (500 F) and the melting temperature is 300 C (572 F).

As Gaston would say, "don't worry it is much higher than the melting point of the person holding it". :whaaa: :OT1:
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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