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How safe do you THINK your guns are?

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I am one of yall too, but just something to think about.
I have mine in a safe. with 1 on the night stand.
If your house were to burn how do you think your firearms would do? I still think mine would suffer as the temp in the safe can reach temps that are harmful to firearms. At what temp do Glocks melt? just a little something to think about.
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So true that's why you need INS on your firearms. That way you would be ok on the replacement of them. Just a thought if you wreak a car you can buy it back from the INS company wonder if you could do the same with your guns?
If you don't provide the list of seriel #'s and appraisel value how are they going to know what to give you if there stolen? You didn't expect them to take your word for it do you? If so I've got over a $1,000,000 worth of guns. :lol: Not a chance. You want your house insured they send someone out to look at it to appraise it.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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