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How safe do you THINK your guns are?

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I am one of yall too, but just something to think about.
I have mine in a safe. with 1 on the night stand.
If your house were to burn how do you think your firearms would do? I still think mine would suffer as the temp in the safe can reach temps that are harmful to firearms. At what temp do Glocks melt? just a little something to think about.
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$20,000 worth of guns and goods stolen from Baton Rouge home
Posted: Apr 11, 2010 3:43 PM CDT
Updated: Apr 11, 2010 6:20 PM CDT

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge family that firmly believes in their right to bare arms says $20,000 dollars worth of guns and goods were stolen from their home. East Baton Rouge Parish Deputies are on the hunt for a brazen burglar.

With 12 gage shot guns and seven millimeter magnums inside, the Butler family home in the Monticello Subdivision should be one of the safest places on the block.

Over the years, Lynetta Butler says her family has accumulated an expensive gun collection. The family had a total of 30 guns. Butler's husband and all three of her children are hunters. She says after their home was broken into back in 2006, and 15 guns were stolen, she had to take action.

"We decided after that we would buy a safe and not just any safe," Butler said. "We would buy one that nobody could lift out of this home."

But deputies say someone did haul the Butler's 600 pound safe loaded with guns, ammunition, jewelry and other valuables out of their house.

The Butlers had a small fire back in December and their home is now being renovated. Deputies say a lot of times houses under construction are targeted because burglars realize they aren't always secure.

Butler said she never imagined someone would be bold enough to haul her massive safe out of the house.

"I just feel empty right now," she said. "Empty and saddened about all that my husband has worked for. Someone seemingly planned it. They lifted it and carried it out of here."

If you have any information that could help detectives in this case, call Crime Stoppers at 344-stop.
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i have used state farm for my insurance on guns. I have a seperate policy listing most all my guns (yes serial numbers too) anytime i need to add or delete one i email the specs to my agent and in a week or so i get a bill for the cost of the addition to the policy or a credit statement for the amount of the deletion. State farm was great when i have to file a claim after my truck was broken into and my styer prohunter was relieved from me. I was paid the amount that i had it insured for less my deductible. i would highly recommend an insurance policy in addition to a safe.
My bedside Glock stays in a Stack-On mini fireproof safe since we have a three year old in our home. The rest stay in a Liberty that has a 45 min fire rating, weighs over 1000lbs and is bolted to the floor. Dual alarm system in place, including dogs. Neighbors (nosey in a good way) are all retired & on a first name basis, they call if anything looks wrong. Nearest fire station is less than a mile away & since I work on the Dept, all the shifts know my address.

That's about as safe as I know how to make them. I don't believe things can be 100% safe though.
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