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How to Completely Disassemble a Glock Pistol

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Have never done more than a field strip of mine

In case you want to "GO ALL THE WAY"

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Shoot I can show ya at the M&G takes about 2 mins. I like to tinker with mine so I do this very often.
Well I will prob take longer than 2 mins. But I have never bought a tool in 10 years I use a punch and a small flathead screwdriver which if you look at a glock tool that is what it is just in one piece.
The only thing I need is a volenteer perferably a dirty one that has been taken down in a longtime or ever. I figure while i got it down might as well clean it. Also anyone that wants any parts installed this is the time to do it and if anyone wants a $0.25 trigger job please let me know so I can bring my polishing stuff.
Ok cool G.O.D. I will polish and install anything you guys want. It's sad I love guns some much that I will work for free. :suspect:
Ok I timed my self today and 1min 30 secs but this was not underpresser so I'm sure with you guys watching it will take a lot longer. :blol:
Hey if anyone wants to donate a gun related prize if I can make the 2 min mark I won't say no. :smile:
Ok I was just pulling ya'll's chain but I will take anything you throw at me now if someone will just cough up some mags or sights. :evil:
Just kidding guys. But if anyone has a cordless dremel you could bring that would be super. I want to buy one before the M&G but I have other stuff I want to get before then.
Ok neck I have the attachments I need mine is just corded and I would rather not have to park close by to use my power converter in my truck.
G.O.D. That would be great I don't have this years I haven't bought one the past 2 years I use to get it every year.
1 - 11 of 42 Posts
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