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How to Completely Disassemble a Glock Pistol

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Have never done more than a field strip of mine

In case you want to "GO ALL THE WAY"

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Full disassembly of a glock is so much easier than other polymer guns.
You break it all the way down to customize it or repair parts. ALso you need to do more than a field strip sometimes to clean the striker. I can shoot hundreds if not thousands of round between cleanings in my 19.
2 minutes is quick to do a full strip including taking every part out of the slide and frame.
Haha He seems like a real gun nut cant wait to meet him! Im sure hes fast. :thumbup:
You are bad ace if you can knock every pin out...The connector sear etc. in 1.5 min

cyberwaste said:
Ok I timed my self today and 1min 30 secs but this was not underpresser so I'm sure with you guys watching it will take a lot longer. :blol:
G.O.D. where do you shoot GSSF? I have been thinking about joining and shooting in LA every now and then, but thats a long ride.
1 - 6 of 42 Posts
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