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How to Completely Disassemble a Glock Pistol

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Have never done more than a field strip of mine

In case you want to "GO ALL THE WAY"

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lead reloads in Glocks only result in "partial disassembly"...and then only sometimes....Look Ma! only 4 fingers now....

Glad you have read the KB thread..I trust you read what captain's personal experience was....

Think we jacked the thread a bit here...back on real disassembly

I'm always scared to do it...I'm one of these folks who always has parts left over when He puts together the swing set or BarBQue

I'd be scared to death to take apart the guts of my Glocks

Ya'll wanna demo the process at the M&G?
we will have a white sheet available to catch any of them itty bitty parts that may fall out...I take it that one needs the Glock disaasembly tool to do a detail strip?

It will be fun to learn how to do this....an extra Hamburger for you! :youdaman:
That's what I was thinking too....A full strip in 2 min....I'm standing back :)

Obviously we've had a "failure to communicate" but hey...I'll be nice and give him 15 min!

Cause I could not do it in 15 days right now :smile:
No problem on some "dirty" Glocks....bet we will have 20 or 30 or them out there...Mine will be a dirty one....by ya'll's standards....

I'll volunteer my 19....she needs polishing to...will bring a quarter for you!

I have a chordless dremel...It's small but speedy...

Don't have many attachments and don't know what you'd need....I'll get the model # and post it
1 - 7 of 42 Posts
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