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How to Completely Disassemble a Glock Pistol

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Have never done more than a field strip of mine

In case you want to "GO ALL THE WAY"

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best book for it is the PTOOMA "The Complete Glock Reference" 3rd edition. it about 30 bucks, but well worth it.
I was luck enough to get mine signed by ole Gunny himself R. Lee.
well according to some experts, just shoot some lead reloads. :lol!:

Once you do it, it is real easy. hardest thing for me to remember is to move slide stop lever around a little to get pin out. I always forget that.
not complaining sig, just was told by watchers. thought they might run me off for knocking big holes in target. pasters would hardly cover holes.
I've took apart all mine and could show you if needed, get that book I've mentioned and it helps alot if your learning. Its Easy.
my main reason is to inspect and clean. + I like to know how stuff is put together and how it works. in the case something breaks out in the field, I just can't wait until I get home to inspect with aid of book, internet, or gunsmith. customization sure helps also.
sounds like you just volunteered yourself. :blol:

I learned from being in NAVY (never again volunteer yourself)

I am not a teacher, but a learner. 'neck wants somebody to demonstrate the procedure though.
'neck, I'm lookin out for you just trying to get a volunteer for the demonstration. good stratagy huh.

Once you,ve done the disassembly acouple time, you don't need the book for help anymore. Cyber has probably done it quite a few times if he can do in a few minutes.
I'll bring some connectors for you to do show and tell polishing. I have a few #5 that would be great polished up a bit. I don't have any dirty Glocks though. I'm sure there will be plenty though.
I do the same. neighbor brought a Beretta over the other day for me to show him how to brake it down and I just went on and cleaned it while I was showing him how to take apart. it probably will come back when due for next cleaning. I don't mind though they are easy as well. It's all about the love of weapons to me.
thats fast. complete tear down? anything under 5 is considered fast so I'm told.
cyber, how about a 2009 Glock Annual. You might already have one, but if you don't then I'll bring to you. I collect Glock swag.
Aight, I.ll bring you one, I have a couple. just got a new one with my GSSF stuff that came the other day.
just getting into the GSSF. Have not shot one of there matches, but want to soon. closest places are Pensacola,Fla. , Thibabdeaux, La. or Anniston, AL. none in MS yet. They need one here for sure.
Benifit of membership, CERTIFICATE for LEO pricing on 1 gun a year. save about $100 or more bucks.
1 - 14 of 42 Posts
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