How to Snag a Big Bass

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    Saturday afternoon my two kids were fishing. A small bream hit my sons lure and while reeling it in this bass went after it. Missed the first pass and my daughter grabbed her phon3 and started recording. The fish throws the lure and bream at the boat, and the rest is history. You may want to turn your volume down.

    He sent it to some friends, and somebody posted it on multiple sites. Since a couple of folks have seen it, I’ll attempt to share it with you guys.

    Kyle Murphy on Twitter

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    That’s awesome.
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    Nice........ GRAB ! ! !

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    LOL, now that is awesome. Good reflexes.
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    Ya'll turn him loose ?
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    Always, unless they won’t to put it on the wall. He got an 11lb4oz out of that lake on the wall already.
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    Where's Bassmstr?
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    I had a small (12 inches or so) bass jump in the boat.
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    That’s wild!