How to survive the Apocolypse

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    According to the NYT. This is hilarious :lol: :lol: Everything but guns (they're restricted doncha' know). You might get in trouble with the law. Errr, WUT law? :wut:


    How to Survive the Apocalypse
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  2. I can't believe they would publish that , but it is the Government's newspaper.
  3. GunnyGene

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    There will probably be a mad rush, come Monday morning, by inhabitants of NYC to buy everything in that cartoon. :lol4:
  4. The "smart" one's won't wait till Monday. :lol6:
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    Where do you get one of those Air Packs? Jet Pack?
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    There's smart ones in NYC? Whoulda guessed? ;)
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    Would love to have one, but I think an ultralight would be more practical. You can put a cupholder in those.