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On PRIVATE PROPERTY when do I have to wear hunter's orange?

Can someone direct me "link" to a complete listing of 'baiting/feeding' regulations...

We are not feeding or baiting at all right now (not for a couple months now) but we have empty feeders scattered about and want to make sure we don't have to remove them while we hunt nearby...

Many thanks, I want to make sure I am being 100% legal!!!!

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From what I've read in the Ms Outdoor Digest the only time u don't have to wear orange on private land is if you are sitting in a box stand or ground blind. Shouldn't have a problem with the feeders if they are empty. No corn means no bait, it ain't like they can eat the feeder IMO. Here is the regulation on orange from the digest.

Hunter Orange
When hunting deer during any primitive
weapon or gun season on deer, all deer
hunters must wear in full view at least five
hundred (500) square inches of solid unbroken
fluorescent orange. This requirement
shall not apply to a hunter while the
hunter is in a fully enclosed deer stand.

Regulation for feeders:
III. Supplemental Feeding DuringAny Hunting Season:
• To hunt within the vicinity of feed or a feeder: hunters
must be both 100 yards away from, and not within the
line of sight of feed or a feeder which contains feed.
• For the purpose of this regulation, “not within the line of
sight” means being hidden from view by natural vegeta
tion or naturally occurring terrain features.
• Feeding sites may not be hunted for 10 days following
complete removal of all feed.
• It is illegal to hunt any wild animal with the aid of feed.
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