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Hunting with Lil Hammer in the morning

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OK takin Lil Hammer hunting in the morning. This is gonna be a great time. Gotta make sure I got everything packed and ready to go. Deer Blind - check, Snacks - Check, kool aid - check, Alcohol heater - check, blanket - check, gun - check, ammo - check, hunting pack - check, kitchen sink - check. OK think I got everything ready to go.
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Good luck and hope ya'll get a nice one. What is an alcohol heater, I hope it's not Jack Daniels, just kidding. You may see a bunch of deer. Never been drunk shooting but it's probably like pool, shoot at the one in the middle.
Mrs. Hammer said:
LOL!!! Its a coffee can with a roll of tp inside it(cardboard roll removed) pour in some rubbing alcohol and then light it. It burns pretty stinkin hot and will help keep him warm.
If you want to save money, ask a woman from the country. I'll try that, sounds cheap to run.
Glad ya'll saw something. It was cold this morning. Had on two coats myself but if your feet get cold, it's rough.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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