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Hunting with Lil Hammer in the morning

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OK takin Lil Hammer hunting in the morning. This is gonna be a great time. Gotta make sure I got everything packed and ready to go. Deer Blind - check, Snacks - Check, kool aid - check, Alcohol heater - check, blanket - check, gun - check, ammo - check, hunting pack - check, kitchen sink - check. OK think I got everything ready to go.
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Good luck on the hunt!! Wish ya'll the best ...
Mrs. Hammer said:
Yea he had on a long sleeve shirt 3 coats a hat 2 jacket hoods and a scarf plus his gloves and fleece pj pants blue jeans and wind suit pants plus we had an alcohol heater and blankets. His feet were the only things on him that got cold and when they started hurting he started crying and we left.
Ya'll better than me ... it was too cold for me!! Of course, anything below 50 is too cold for me!! Better luck next time.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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