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Hunting with Lil Hammer in the morning

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OK takin Lil Hammer hunting in the morning. This is gonna be a great time. Gotta make sure I got everything packed and ready to go. Deer Blind - check, Snacks - Check, kool aid - check, Alcohol heater - check, blanket - check, gun - check, ammo - check, hunting pack - check, kitchen sink - check. OK think I got everything ready to go.
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Oh wait almost forgot the chairs. Good grief after all this I sure hope we at least see something. I would really like to kill something but if we don't I sure hope we see something.
LOL!!! Its a coffee can with a roll of tp inside it(cardboard roll removed) pour in some rubbing alcohol and then light it. It burns pretty stinkin hot and will help keep him warm.
Thanks Captain and yea its a lot cheaper than running one of those little propane heaters.
We did see a doe but she was not sticking around for nothing. She wasn't running but she wasn't taking her time either. A very short time later he got cold and was ready to go so we came out of the woods around 7:45
He did. He was loudly whispering fire momma pull the trigger. Momma I said fire now fire that gun. That doe just wasn't slowing down long enough to take a good shot and I didn't want to have to trail 1 with him cause he was already getting cold and saying his feet were starting to hurt.
Oh he has decided he is buying new hunting boots with his Christmas money so he can wear several pair of socks and not get cold feet
Yea that's what he wants like his cousin has.
Yea he had on a long sleeve shirt 3 coats a hat 2 jacket hoods and a scarf plus his gloves and fleece pj pants blue jeans and wind suit pants plus we had an alcohol heater and blankets. His feet were the only things on him that got cold and when they started hurting he started crying and we left.
I haven't ever really paid attention to ho long it burns but it does burn for quite a while. Guess I need to do it one day where I can see just how long it does burn exactly.
1 - 10 of 21 Posts
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