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I bet a few of you had this Bb gun

Discussion in 'Mississippi Air Rifles' started by Chanman75, May 20, 2017.

  1. Chanman75

    Chanman75 Shooters Precision -BLACKMAXX BULLETS

    I had one of these in the early 90's and remember loving it, no telling how many rounds I put through it. It was a very accurate pistol at the time. My kids are all shooting Bb guns quite a bit and I thought about that old Powerline pistol a few weeks ago. The wife and I happened to be at a garage sale and I came across this one and picked it up for 5 bucks

    It's in very good shape for its age , all metal frame. About 40 shots on one co2 cartridge. Which is perfect because it holds about that many bb's. Chronoed at 415fps Just wanted to share , off to re live my childhood..

    Daisy Powerline 1200

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  2. TwangBanger

    TwangBanger Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    My uncle had one of those when I was a kid. I had the Crossman 1377.

    I liked his because you didn't have to "pump it up".
    He liked mine because I didn't have to constantly purchase CO2 cartridges.

  3. Chanman75

    Chanman75 Shooters Precision -BLACKMAXX BULLETS

    We stocked up today also

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  4. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    I received a Daisy air pistol, just like the pictured one, for Christmas in about '85. It was a blast. I wonder what ever happened to it? That could be it, for all I know :p .
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  5. Chanman75

    Chanman75 Shooters Precision -BLACKMAXX BULLETS

    I can't remember what happened to mine either. My Dad was a gunsmith at Gunsmith Inc back then and a man came into the store with a a few Walmart bags full of Bb guns and he let me pick out 2 to have . I tried one of the more modern Bb pistols last year and the little magazines that feed them were a pain to load and that's what got me thinking about this one again . I looked on gun broker and it looks like these bring $25-90 depending on condition and if it has a box. I'm glad to have it.
  6. CajunBP

    CajunBP Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I didn't have that one, but I did have the revolver, low powered, but enough to drop my sister in her tracks when I ran up and shot her in the back of the ear...I cut about four yards for free just to keep her from telling our father.
  7. Soonered

    Soonered Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Got one for my 4th birthday in 1969. Had it for many years until you couldn't find a replacement for the nipple that pierced the co2 cartridge that had a habit of breacking. Gave it to a guy in tulsa that specializes in reparing air rifles about 10 years ago for parts.
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