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I feel a new gun purchase in the air

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It's been over a month since I purchased my last firearm, a Colt 5.56 Match Target. I am going into withdrawal slowly but surely so I "must" make another firearms purchase. This time, a Springfield M1A1. I thought about a Garand, but the heavier recoil of the 30-06 vs the .308 makes my old bod tremble at the thought of absorbing the recoil of a 30-06, even though, in the heavy Garand, it's not too bad. I've had both calibers in my lifetime and I tend to prefer the .308 for some ungodly reason. Anyway, I like the M1A1 because of the M14 styling and handling. Don't want no SOCOM. I want a rifle that "looks like a rifle" and not a "Star Wars" launch platform. No ill will toward SOCOM owners. To each his own. I'm old school. Besides, I believe we're going to have a "600 yd event" at McCain soon and I need a rifle to shoot the event. I don't know why, because I can't see clearly past 200 yds but I bet there will be someone there that will point me in the general direction of the targets so I can at least kick up some dirt and have fun doing that. Might use JBPMidas as my "spotter". Let's hear your thoughts on the M1A1.
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My 2 cents -- Get a Garand while you still can at a reasonable price. Actually you can get 3 NICE Garands for what you will pay for the M1A1 assuming you are purchasing a new Springfiled run of the mill M1A1. Loaded right, the '06 will do what the .308 will do with today's powders and bullets.

OK - now that I have finished pushing the Garand. The M1A1 is a great rifle - just a Garand with a box magazine in my opinion - so it ranks 2nd best. I own an M1A1 Scout - longer barrel than the SOCOM - but shorter than the regular M1A1. I was looking for an M1A1 when I ran across the Scout and just could not pass the deal up. I have often thought about changing out the barrel with a regular National Match barrel. Actually I posted the possibility of doing this on the M14 boards and almost everyone suggested I leave it alone ... several offered to trade me their regular M1A1s for my Scout. I do like it even though I do not shoot it much. It is a very capable battle weapon and interesting to load for and shoot. I have actually been able to develope some cast boolit loads for it. For those of us who actually like the "military" stuff, an M1A1 is a must for the collection; after a Garand has been added.

CMP has some M14 stock sets on sale now for $35.00. I ordered one and received a NEW one with all the metal attached .. Great buy if you want a wood stock.

It all boils down to personal preference. Even with the M1A1, there are a couple different types to select from -- type barrel, finish, wood, etc .... If you want an M1A1, go for it!! --- just get a Garand first!!!!! :lol:
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