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I feel a new gun purchase in the air

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It's been over a month since I purchased my last firearm, a Colt 5.56 Match Target. I am going into withdrawal slowly but surely so I "must" make another firearms purchase. This time, a Springfield M1A1. I thought about a Garand, but the heavier recoil of the 30-06 vs the .308 makes my old bod tremble at the thought of absorbing the recoil of a 30-06, even though, in the heavy Garand, it's not too bad. I've had both calibers in my lifetime and I tend to prefer the .308 for some ungodly reason. Anyway, I like the M1A1 because of the M14 styling and handling. Don't want no SOCOM. I want a rifle that "looks like a rifle" and not a "Star Wars" launch platform. No ill will toward SOCOM owners. To each his own. I'm old school. Besides, I believe we're going to have a "600 yd event" at McCain soon and I need a rifle to shoot the event. I don't know why, because I can't see clearly past 200 yds but I bet there will be someone there that will point me in the general direction of the targets so I can at least kick up some dirt and have fun doing that. Might use JBPMidas as my "spotter". Let's hear your thoughts on the M1A1.
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The M1A would be one of the last rifles to go if I had to start thinning my herd. Yep, I love my M1 Garand, but there's something about the M1A's looks that really turns me on.

I honestly don't feel much difference in recoil between the two guns. If you haven't shot an Garand, then I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised at how well it tames the .30-06 round.

S.A. offers a .308 conversion for the Garand for right at $300.00. I'll never go that route, but a friend had his shot out original barrel replaced and it's now a great shooter.

I understand where you're coming from on the SOCOM and I feel the same way. I understand they'll shoot better than I can, but the classic look of wood and steel on this platform just turn my crank. The only accessories I own for the M1A are different stocks and slings. In addition to the original M1A walnut stock, I own beech and walnut stocks with the M-14 selector cut outs. Oh and I also have a synthetic stock.

It sounds like you have your mind made up. I can't say anything bad about the M1A except that I can't understand why they cost so much! The sum of their parts don't seem to equal their price IMHO, but even a standard M1A is an excellent shooter and probably groups better than most folks can shoot.
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