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Pistols at 100yrds; might be stressful for me!! :lol:

Glad ya'll had a good time!! Some good looking pieces you have there ....

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dhollis51 said:
Xd357 said:
Sweet! Now where's the pics of the targets?
I think he said he missed all of them? :128:
I almost posted pics of the targets. The two rifles both performed well out to 500. The laminated stock bull barrel in the first pic shot a sub 1 inch 5 shot group at 300. The second rifle, (mine), shot 2 reloads less than 2" apart at 500, and 2 factory load Winchesters about a foot apart. I had run out of reloads for that gun. I've only had this gun for a few months, and haven't been able to shoot it much yet, but I like it!

I have some work to do before I'm ready to kill a hog or a deer at 100 yards with the 2 pistols. The blackhawk in .41 magnum has a really nice trigger and shoots really good, but 100 yards is a long way with iron sights. The redhawk in .44 is my first handgun with a scope. I shot it probably 18 times at 100 yds, and they were all within say the end of a 55 gallon drum once I got it zeroed. Lots of fun to shoot!
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