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I have a confession to make....

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I love 1911's!!!!!!!!

I have never mentioned them because they look big, I like the glock 19 too and some of the S&W, Taurus autos too but i am wondering if a woman like me with small hands could handle the 1911 since its full sized?

I will need to try one out also but just asking.

Anyone got any 1911 pics?

I love silver. Who make the cheapest ones that are of a good quality??
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shhhh!!! i did that by hand and it took me 2 years to complete with a file and drill lol
Rbelote said:
Cause if a man were to really trust his 1911 he would nut up and run it against a glock, but since glocks are so reliable you gotta make them sexy too. :blol: .
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yea i dumped alot of money into that glock.. i tried my best to like um
GunOneDown said:
It'll all in what you feel comfortable with in the end though.
thats a true statement. I can talk about glocks and gunny can talk about 1911s till were blue in the face but ultimatly thats what it boils down to in the end
1 - 5 of 67 Posts
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