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I have a confession to make....

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I love 1911's!!!!!!!!

I have never mentioned them because they look big, I like the glock 19 too and some of the S&W, Taurus autos too but i am wondering if a woman like me with small hands could handle the 1911 since its full sized?

I will need to try one out also but just asking.

Anyone got any 1911 pics?

I love silver. Who make the cheapest ones that are of a good quality??
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remgirl said:
I love 1911's!!!!!!!!

I will need to try one out also but just asking.
You can deffinately try mine out when you get over here! But Beware!!! Once you shoot it, you are addicted, as mentioned above. Youll probably find yourself throwing rocks at a glock after handling a REAL pistol!!! :rotflmao:
Rbelote said:
Its a kimber. James did that himself with chisel and a file. J/k He is pretty sharp with cad/cam, but he is greedy with his skills. :blol:
I can see him doing some work like that on a 1911, but why waste time and talent on a glock!!?? :rotflmao:
remgirl said:

I have small hands so a 1911 would be good too. I just love the look of it, very sexy.
Yes, they are sexy guns. I have never seen a sexy glock, XD, m&p auto.
They are just too blocky and just dont have sexy lines.
A 1911, on the other hand, is just plain sexy. Even a run-of-the-mill mil-spec basic model is sexy. The lines and contours, the profile and silhouette, just sexy. All the add-ons just make it a bit better.
PapaDawg said:
Hammer -

I'm gettin' the feeling that you think 1911's are sexy :) Am I right or am I missing something here?
Picked up on that did ya? :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 67 Posts
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