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I have a confession to make....

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I love 1911's!!!!!!!!

I have never mentioned them because they look big, I like the glock 19 too and some of the S&W, Taurus autos too but i am wondering if a woman like me with small hands could handle the 1911 since its full sized?

I will need to try one out also but just asking.

Anyone got any 1911 pics?

I love silver. Who make the cheapest ones that are of a good quality??
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SilentHitz said:
1st up, the only 3" I have Kimber UC II

2nd, build in progress. Bead blasted stainless frame and polished Colt enhanced slide...complete with fingerprints I was too lazy to wipe off lol

Oh hell, here's a group shot of some on the "lazy susan" rack LOL, I'll do individual if ya wanna see em. couple of RIA Tacticals, couple of Norincos, a high standard, AMT Hardballer, Sistema Colt, ect. Yes, I'm a 1911 addict...and no I don't wanna be cured. ;) and I don't know why it's cutting some of the pics off either...I don't do pics well.

Man, I like your displays! :10:
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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