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I have a confession to make....

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I love 1911's!!!!!!!!

I have never mentioned them because they look big, I like the glock 19 too and some of the S&W, Taurus autos too but i am wondering if a woman like me with small hands could handle the 1911 since its full sized?

I will need to try one out also but just asking.

Anyone got any 1911 pics?

I love silver. Who make the cheapest ones that are of a good quality??
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1st up, the only 3" I have Kimber UC II

2nd, build in progress. Bead blasted stainless frame and polished Colt enhanced slide...complete with fingerprints I was too lazy to wipe off lol

Oh hell, here's a group shot of some on the "lazy susan" rack LOL, I'll do individual if ya wanna see em. couple of RIA Tacticals, couple of Norincos, a high standard, AMT Hardballer, Sistema Colt, ect. Yes, I'm a 1911 addict...and no I don't wanna be cured. ;) and I don't know why it's cutting some of the pics off either...I don't do pics well.

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Beladran, what make is the 2nd pic, and who did the slide?
Sweet! all it needs is a fluted barrel hood and a fluted guide rod from Gemini customs, not my gun...but someday maybe...

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Slabside45...you gotta stop posting pics of those bobtails! You gonna make me spend more $$$$ doin' that kinda stuff. :drool:
Dammitt DB, not you too!! All this gun porn is gonna make me flip for the fluted guide rod and barrel sooner or later...hell I might as well have them flute my whole damn pistol! :lol4: Remgirl, this is all your fault too...YOU started this thread! :128:
I feel like I'm in the "Twilight Zone". I ain't even married, and women are still making me wanna spend money. :confused2:
Thanks Caleb, my sister said I need to go to 1911 rehab, problem is...there are too many gunshops on the way. :funny:
The really nice thing is there are a lot of great choices now so everyone can get what they prefer.
And DB, that's the best part of being in the USA. Not many countries allow the WIDE choices we have in firearms. Everyone can pretty much get what they like...choice is a good thing. :sf:
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