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I have a confession to make....

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I love 1911's!!!!!!!!

I have never mentioned them because they look big, I like the glock 19 too and some of the S&W, Taurus autos too but i am wondering if a woman like me with small hands could handle the 1911 since its full sized?

I will need to try one out also but just asking.

Anyone got any 1911 pics?

I love silver. Who make the cheapest ones that are of a good quality??
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1911s are excellent guns. How small are your hands? All full size guns have proved too big (rear of grip to front of trigger) to fit my wife's hand. She can shoot most in SA, but they don't fit her hand -- she needs some extra length on her trigger finger at least, and a little extra palm wouldn't hurt. Only thing to do is try one (but be careful, they are like flypaper--difficult to let go of!)
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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