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I have came to the conclusion...

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That I love Glocks and I'm gonna get myself either the 17 or 19 :thumbup: :drool: :drool: :drool:

To me they're just a dream to shoot, they feel good. Just perfect for me.
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WHAT!!? J/Kding. Did you get to shoot the xd or xdm?
Yes gunny your 34 is a sweet glock. :bow:

But I think that's a xd in her profile pic. :lol3:
Hammer said:
Will_M said:
Although I hear a man named John Browning has a radical treatment.
I tried to get her to fire off the 1911. She just would not do it....

That is MY XD in that pic, BTW.
what about your m&p?
remgirl said:
Hammer said:
Not sure if she ran it or not.
I still need to try an M&P I forgot about that one.
ahhhhh there's doubt in her mind!
1 - 5 of 37 Posts
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