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i like Dan Wessons...

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ok, i LOVE Dan Wessons... but man i am not sure about this one.

bet it is accurate out to 100 yards or more tho!!

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Yea I've seen other pacs with 15" barrels included. That's just the first one I've seen with it attached. I figure not many people use them. Wonder if the gun has sling swivels? Lol
just give me that DW and forget i posted this! :p
Awesome. Forgot about that!
Wanna sell that 744? :D

I'm in the market for another 44
For those of you that missed this gun, you can buy just the barrel and shroud. Guy has it listed on gunbroker now for a buy it now of like 750!! Holy cow!!
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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