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I May Actually Have to Buy a Hi Point....

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There isn’t a better truck or boat gun made......once you find a place to hide it and wear in the mag spring.

If someone steals it......you’ve lost literally nothing.
Maybe boat or tractor. Not a truck gun. I wouldn't trust my life to it if needed it.

Pew pew
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Plenty of thugs are offing each other (and innocents) with them.......don’t be such a snob lol

(I wouldn’t either lol)
Ha true. Though I'd be one of the baller thugs using an FN 5.7. Kid you not I saw one get confiscated out of his car on live PD. And of course the cop had no clue what it was.

The hell is a yeet?
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Question- would you choose it as a bug out gun? If in your vehicle it very well may just turn into it.
I personally wouldn't along with a Taurus auto.
No doubt in my mind on what my bugout pistol would be.. my glock 22 with the original and the 9mm conversion barrel. It can be duplicated for about $425 if you buy one of the $299 trade ins and the base model lone wolf barrel.
Excellent choice. Have exact same thing
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