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I was heading to the range to do some handgun training so I brought my old .22 to try it out.

I stopped by Van's while I was in the neighborhood and dispite my best efforts to control myself I bought the 10/22T and a few bits and pieces to go with it. I'm still waiting on the scope and rings so I decided not to even try to shoot it.

I did shoot my old Glenfield model 65 (yes they did make a model 65, but it was a limited production model made specifically for Western Auto in 1968). I got mine that year when I was 8 years old. And yes, It is that very same gun that I shot today.

I don't have any current experience to compare this against, so I'll tell you what I did and maybe you can tell me if it's good enough to compete.

So I set my target stand on the west 50 as close to the berm as I could while I was going to shoot seated at one of the wood shooting tables. I assume that's about 50 yards. I put 8" circle targets on the cardboard.

I don't have a scope for this rifle or a rest for that matter so I was shooting iron sights with my elbows proped on the table. There were some serious wind gusts but there were enough clam moments to shoot thru and the wind was mostly straight in my face so I thought it would not matter too much.

I bought 8 different types of .22LR to test the 10/22T with but I only shot the 4 of them in the Glenfield. I started with some Winchester 555 (36gr HP rated at 1280 fps). The first 4 or 5 shots were over the top until I realized that I needed to lower the rear sight a couple notches. Then it was a little better.

The two holes in the carboard above the target are from before I adjusted the rear sight.

I tried some Federal target grade (40gr. solid lead rated at 1200 fps). They seemed to spread around a little more evenly but 3 of them just went wildly off target, you can see two of those holes in this pic.

I tried some Remington golden bullets that my step dad probably had sitting on a shelf for a decade or so before he passed away. They were so wildly inconsistant that I will not waste your bandwith with a pic.

I tried some Remington sub-sonic (38gr. lead HP rated at 1050fps) I don't have very many of them so I only shot 10. They all dropped a good 3 inches or so. I guess I should have expected that with sub-sonic bullets.

I went back to shooting the winchester 555 because I had the most of that type.
After shooting a bunch I really have to wonder if there is something wrong with winchester 555 or do I need to find a way to adjust the windage on my gun. Other brands of bullets did not produce the "right side" effect.

Absolutely nothing I did produced a really good center target group, but I think I want to blame that on the winchester ammo. What do you guys think?


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Ammo is critical, but...you got your feet wet. Get that scope mounted, try her at 50, stretch it to 100, blast away.

Try several types of ammo, anything over $5 a box has got a chance.

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I have a Glenfield Model 60 my dad bought me in '74 at Western Auto, it groups best with Federal Champion 36grain ammo.
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