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I think I want to give it a shot.

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I've been wanting to shoot a match for a couple of years, but haven't had the chance because of work. I plan on attending the match in September at Magnolia. What should I expect? Are new shooters allowed to just show up and shoot, or is there a training/orientation requirement? If so is there a scheduled time? I used to watch every now and then when I was a member of magnolia, but never got the nerve to compete.
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Great advice from all above, and I hope to see y'all there as well.

Jimmy made a great point though, don't be afraid to ask or get involved. Almost everyone is very willing to help, but many don't want to be pushy or seem like a know it all so they won't say much if you don't ask. G1D also said something I agree with 100%, take all the free advice you can get and use what you like. Outside of the rules, there are many different opinions and thoughts about everything from equipment to how to do things. That is the beauty of the sport to me. It has made me learn a lot about myself too along the way, but maybe I am weird like that.

Anyway, come out and have fun.

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