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I think I want to give it a shot.

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I've been wanting to shoot a match for a couple of years, but haven't had the chance because of work. I plan on attending the match in September at Magnolia. What should I expect? Are new shooters allowed to just show up and shoot, or is there a training/orientation requirement? If so is there a scheduled time? I used to watch every now and then when I was a member of magnolia, but never got the nerve to compete.
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They have some loaner gear...mag holders...maybe even a bladetech holster and belt...

They'll treat you well and you'll enjoy yourself....

a little hint...Get up there 4th or 5th in your squad...else you melt in the hot sun waiting to shoot the stage...

Get up here and GET'R'DONE

Cargill will take care of ya...

Bring 175-200 rds of ammo....Go to the new shooters meeting when they have it...usually at the last minute while everyone is moving to the first stage

leave your ego at home

Hose them targets

Don't sweat the score

Don't DQ...and most of all don't sweep anyone or yourself with the gun...ie breaking the 180 rule
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Oh Yeah.....

Get there at 7:00 am to help Cargill and crew do setup
One more tip....Learn to enjoy dry fire practice a lot....and I mean a LOT....won't hurt your centerfire handgun
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