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I would like to shoot in those F Class matches and Im still looking for a scope....would this work?

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I have put my dollar cap at $160. But I am looking for the best buy for the money and something that will hold zero and Ill actually be somewhat competitive with (Along with the rifle). I am looking at the BSA but I found an NCStar and I know a lot of people dont like NCStar but the specs on it are.


Its has a built on shade.

It has a range finder reticle and is green illuminated.

It also has a side focus, I think that may be a negative.

Is there a negative to the illuminated reticle? To the rangefinder reticle?
Should the shades be removable (Maybe so you can change them out for sunlight)?

Are NCStar's just junk?

I know $160 and under are cheap scopes but like I posted in another thread, I want to get the best that I can for what I pay. Thats why I keep asking about scopes. It seems there are tons to choose from in that price range. I have found Simmons, BSA's, Konus, Tasco, NCStars, and others at 6-24 and higher. I think I even saw a Nikon on Amazon for under $160.
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I have an 6.5-20 power scope but haven't shot in the match. Look at the post and SubGunFan has a post with everyone's rifle and scope. Most of the scopes are about $100 less than what you have in mind. A big thing is good ammo, that wolf match and match extra seem to be a big hit but as 'Neck told me, find a brand that will pattern well. You can dial it in after that.
You a member of Magnolia? I'd loan you some ammo and see how it shoots in your rifle. BTW, what rifle are you planning on using?
I'll loan you some rifle ammo but they sell the wolf match ammo at that pawn shop on Terry Rd. just north of Battlefield Park on the left. Let me know if they are out and I'll loan you a 3-4 boxes to sight in and for the match.
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