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I would like to shoot in those F Class matches and Im still looking for a scope....would this work?

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I have put my dollar cap at $160. But I am looking for the best buy for the money and something that will hold zero and Ill actually be somewhat competitive with (Along with the rifle). I am looking at the BSA but I found an NCStar and I know a lot of people dont like NCStar but the specs on it are.


Its has a built on shade.

It has a range finder reticle and is green illuminated.

It also has a side focus, I think that may be a negative.

Is there a negative to the illuminated reticle? To the rangefinder reticle?
Should the shades be removable (Maybe so you can change them out for sunlight)?

Are NCStar's just junk?

I know $160 and under are cheap scopes but like I posted in another thread, I want to get the best that I can for what I pay. Thats why I keep asking about scopes. It seems there are tons to choose from in that price range. I have found Simmons, BSA's, Konus, Tasco, NCStars, and others at 6-24 and higher. I think I even saw a Nikon on Amazon for under $160.
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I paid $160 for my shooters edge. It's a 6x24x50 with a 30mm tube at vans.
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