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Any of you folks that would like to try your hand at Long Range Benchrest, are about to get your chance. The Pascagoula Shooting Club is going to start 600 yard Benchrest this summer. The matches will be “4 Target Aggs”, using the IBS Rules. Winners in Light Gun Group, Score, Heavy Gun Group and Score. 2011 will be a warm up year for PSC. The number of rounds required will be 20 Shots for record and no limit on sighters for each class. 2011 IBS passed the “Muzzle Brakes Allowed” Rule. So a Brake can be shot in Light Gun and Heavy Gun Classes. In 2012 the will be holding Sanctioned IBS 600BR matches if the turn out this year is good. Match dates are as follows: 3/27, 4/22, 7/24, 9/25 & 11/27. PSC will also be having a Factory class. For full details and contact info, go to the PSC forum Competition<Benchrest<Benchrest Shooting at PSC Range. I hope to see some of you there.
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