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IDPA Shooters

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Are there any IDPA shooters out there other than Reloader and jbpmidas?
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We tried it. Our club got on board early (1997) and wanted to make a go of it. MY IDPA # was A-1812.

There was too much tension when we'd go North and shoot. We literally had an SO (Safety Officer) follow us around from stage to stage in the state match telling the other officials to "Watch them, because those guys are USPSA shooters...."

He harassed us the whole weekend. You see, there was an agenda in play to make sure we were penalized/scrutinized as much as possible. The match director allowed this to continue during the entire event. But, there was only so much they could do. Our group smoked the field, took all the palques and prizes home and never went back.

We disolved our club thereafter.

And, look...I don't want to talk bad about another shooting sport. There are lots of nice people in IDPA. I've met some in Dallas, TX when I shot a local match there in 2008 for fun. This was just our experience in MIssissippi. Most of those so-callled shooters who were pulling that crap are probably gone by now as this was 12 years ago. At the time, we had USPSA clubs in Vicksburg, Forest and Byram. Just think of how big IDPA in Mississippi might have become had this all not happened. The Jackson metro area has about 500,000 people to draw from.

In almost 21 years of competition I've shot USPSA handgun, USPSA 3-Gun, centerfire and rimfire bowling pin, Steel Challenge, ICORE revolver, concealed carry matches, and bullseye. Even without everything that happened, IDPA was the least fun of anything I'd ever done. It just didn't offer much of a challenge once you'd shot USPSA. It was just too easy and not for me.

Having said that, if there are shooters out there that like it, enjoy yourselves. Bring a new shooter to your matches because it can be a good steppingstone to other shooting sports.

Have fun. :thumbup:
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mhead said:
Cliff , I would smoke you in IDPA . Always remember that and be gratefull we don't have a club for me to prove it at !
I don't know...your rig looks less than aerodynamic:

Nice footwear though.
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jbpmidas said:
I would love to try something else, but that's all we have as far as I know.

Just curious as to why you believe USPSA shooters to be superior to IDPA shooters?
There have been a couple of IDPA shooters that have crossed over and done well in USPSA. Dave Sevigny and Ernie Langdon come to mind, but they are now every bit as serious about USPSA and are truly USPSA shooters.

Let's look at some of the names from USPSA that cross over and shoot IDPA...the list is endless, but Jerry Miculek, Todd Jarret and Rob Leatham come to mind. For years, they've been able to go into that arena and clean up all the awards. So have many others at a national, regional and state level. Our group did in 1998...with ease.

USPSA members set the standard as they can compete and win in any other shooting sport they choose. Whether it's Steel Challenge, IDPA, ICORE, Bianchi Cup, Chevy Team Challenge, Last Chance Bowling Pin, and even the Jeep Masters.

USPSA shooters dominate everything they try. So much so, that Mr. Bill "Dollar Signs " Wilson, the owner of IDPA changed the rules about how many "non championship matches" members must shoot in order to attend the IDPA Nationals. So many times USPSA shooters just swept through and took everything, I guess he felt he had to thin the USPSA shooters out.

USPSA has no such rule to rid itself of IDPA people. We welcome them.
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