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IDPA Shooters

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Are there any IDPA shooters out there other than Reloader and jbpmidas?
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That's a good one Cliff! I'll have that image of mhead running through my mind Sunday at the USPSA match........Don't take it personal but I've got to be squadded away from mhead after that or I'll just laugh and do even worse in the match! Cliff that was just WRONG! I'll have nightmares tonight!
I'll dress that way too! Gotta spit shine my combat boots this week!
I don't know anything about IDPA, but when we shot the Arkansas USPSA Sectional Match a couple months ago, I wondered why two guys in our squad rather than reload on the move, would run to another array of targets with only 1 or 2 shots in their handgun then shoot til it locked back, then do a standing reload and continue the course of fire until Cliff pointed out they were IDPA shooters, even had the shirts on to prove it. it didn't make sense to me then nor will it ever. I usually reload within the first step, maybe two, but I never would run to an area without topping off my handgun where I believed targets or real threats were waiting. For the record, we beat them so badly it wasn't even funny.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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