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IDPA Shooters

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Are there any IDPA shooters out there other than Reloader and jbpmidas?
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Cliff Cargill said:
mhead said:
Cliff , I would smoke you in IDPA . Always remember that and be gratefull we don't have a club for me to prove it at !
I don't know...your rig looks less than aerodynamic:

Nice footwear though.
:lol3: :rotflmao:
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jbpmidas said:
I would love to try something else, but that's all we have as far as I know.

Just curious as to why you believe USPSA shooters to be superior to IDPA shooters?
Uspsa "shooters" are not superior just because they shoot uspsa over idpa. I've never shot idpa so I don't have a one on one experience with it so take it for what is worth. Uspsa is a fast paced, high round count GAME. Idpa is not as fast or as high of a round count GAME.

They are both games and should be looked at as such. It's not training. If you enjoy shooting one, you will probably enjoy shooting the other to an extent. I would shoot a idpa match given the chance just to try it out. Just from what I've HEARD, the rules give an RSO too much to keep up with when they should be concentrating on the safety of the shooter. Uspsa rules are cut and dry. That to me makes it a little easier to play.

Give it a try one day you'll like it.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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