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IDPA Shooters

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Are there any IDPA shooters out there other than Reloader and jbpmidas?
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I'll dress that way too! Gotta spit shine my combat boots this week!
I don't know anything about IDPA, but when we shot the Arkansas USPSA Sectional Match a couple months ago, I wondered why two guys in our squad rather than reload on the move, would run to another array of targets with only 1 or 2 shots in their handgun then shoot til it locked back, then do a standing reload and continue the course of fire until Cliff pointed out they were IDPA shooters, even had the shirts on to prove it. it didn't make sense to me then nor will it ever. I usually reload within the first step, maybe two, but I never would run to an area without topping off my handgun where I believed targets or real threats were waiting. For the record, we beat them so badly it wasn't even funny.
jbpmidas said:
I would love to try USPSA! It is not in NorthMS as far as I know though. IDPA seems "more realistic"(I know I'm getting burned for that). The round counts, use of cover and limited weapon modifications seem a better fit. BUT, I would still love to try ANY OTHER SHOOTING SPORT! I just love pulling triggers!
The nearest USPSA clubs to you would be in Glen, MS (Southeast of Corinth) and then in Memphis. The MS club's website is here: http://www.crssa.com/ and they shoot USPSA on the second Sunday and third Saturday and Steel Challenge on the 4th Sunday of every month.

The Memphis club's website is here: http://www.memphis-ssa.com/modules.php?name=Practical_Pistol

I've never shot IDPA because it has never been offered within a reasonable distance of me. I understand the "more realistic" argument, but I also like the idea of more shooting (higher round counts), freestyle courses where I can shoot (or solve the puzzle) in any way I want rather than being forced to shoot it like everyone else, having a handgun exactly how I want it, and more objective rather than subjective rules. Like you said though, it is all pulling triggers and if you enjoy it and it is close to you, that's the important thing.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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