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If you could build a dream rifle, what would it be?

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Mine would be based on a Remington 40-x action, jewell trigger group set at 1.5 pounds, tactical knob on the bolt handle. This would be sitting in a McMillan A5 stock, with adjustable cheekpiece, textured grip surfaces, jet black. The barrel would be a Shilen Heavy Bull barrel, 416 stainless, 26 inches long. Chambered in match grade .308, 1in 9 twist. All steel surfaces would be matte teflon coated. Sitting on top of it would be a Nightforce 5.5-22 x 56 NXS scope NP-R1 reticle in Nightforce rings and one piece steel base. On the front of the stock would be a swivel stud for a sling, along with another stud with a Harris bipod attatched.

That would be my rifle. :gun:
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Dream Sporter Rifle

I did not have to build a dream rifle, it was willed to me. My Dad died in 1960 and my Mom asked me if I wanted his rifle. Of course I said "YES"!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a Winchester Model 70 Standard rifle in .270 WCF. It was made in May 1937. The first month of production of the Model 70 rifle. It is slick as grease, fit by hand and hand checkered. Ihe receiver bridge ha a clip slot for 1903 clips. The trigger is 3.5 pounds and has no after travel. It is in 95-98% condition and will shoot 5 shots into 5/8" at 100 yards off the double sandbags. For years he had a Lyman long slide 48 peep sight on it. I added a Lyman 17-A globe front and shot in HP rifle matches at 600 yards. When our range opened it's 600 yard range at Bogue Chitto, I fired in the first match at Bogue Chitto with it, wearing my Dad's Fedora hat. I won the match with a 478 out of 500.

You fellows building tactical rifles ought to look into our F Class matches at Bogue Chitto. Email me at [email protected]

The old Vintage Pre-War Winchester Model 70 is as well assembled as any custom rifle and the Model 70 is the rifle most others are compared to.

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massair said:
My dream is to have and shoot a Lahti or Solothurn. I have original advertisements for these rifles for sale to civilians which date back to just after WW-II.

Now, if Mr. Hammer will see fit to guide me through my stupidity at not being able to handle posting a pic, I will show these ads.

These rifles were on the order of 20mm hand-held cannons.
A couple of guys used a Lathi 20mm cannon to shoot their way into a Brinks Vault in Syracuse, NY in the late 60's. The movie "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" was based on this heist. They bought the gun and AP ammo from Century Arms. Now the 20mm cannon is considered a destructive device. Free ownership of large rifles is limited to .50. The Boyes .55 is also illegal.

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