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If you could build a dream rifle, what would it be?

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Mine would be based on a Remington 40-x action, jewell trigger group set at 1.5 pounds, tactical knob on the bolt handle. This would be sitting in a McMillan A5 stock, with adjustable cheekpiece, textured grip surfaces, jet black. The barrel would be a Shilen Heavy Bull barrel, 416 stainless, 26 inches long. Chambered in match grade .308, 1in 9 twist. All steel surfaces would be matte teflon coated. Sitting on top of it would be a Nightforce 5.5-22 x 56 NXS scope NP-R1 reticle in Nightforce rings and one piece steel base. On the front of the stock would be a swivel stud for a sling, along with another stud with a Harris bipod attatched.

That would be my rifle. :gun:
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mine is being built right now. My gunsmith called wed. to let me know he had received my Mcmillian stock, he already blueprinted the rem 700 action and will be putting it all together in the next couple of weeks.
rem 700 in 300 winchester
mcmillian htg adj stock (ordered december 10th)
jewell trigger
kriger fluted 30cal
williams bottom metal
black teflon finish on all metal.
Pics to follow the moment i get it.

i am a little on the excited side.
I talked to Tim this afternoon about a possible 300 Win Mag Elk Gun..Some guides have a 30 cal minimun rule on elk

Super nice guy...

5 month wait on a McMillian adj stock

Major coinage though...Total package with a Nightforce scope was gonna be in the range of 6K..Hard for me to justify maybe...

fluted barrels are "2 shooters"...due to heat...they loose accuracy after that and need to cool..but probably not enough to matter..The heavy barrel rifles weigh in at 15 lbs...To heavy to hump with stalking an elk at 10000 feet

They make a sweet looking 7mm Ultra Mag as well. Tim said it would flatten an elk at 700 yards

ftbisley...you must be loaded dude

Hopefully Tim will join our forum and share a few other insights to the rifles they build at Bills Custom Automatics
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A full auto m4'ish in .243 win with a six power scope that could switch between day,night and thermal vision. 25 round stick mag. Whole gun covered in woodland camo.
Na...If I ever get a 50 it will be a Barrett


Gotta go pick some deer meat to process...a 9 pt bit the dust at dark
msredneck said:
Gotta go pick some deer meat to process...a 9 pt bit the dust at dark

"ftbisley...you must be loaded dude" Nope.... just sold my dirtbike (cfr250R modded out dang that bike was sweet and fast)... my wife forced me to sale it when i came in a touch more busted up than usual. I told her that if i sold the bike i was going to have the rifle i always wanted built. I really miss riding but that rifle sure is fun to shoot. AND that rifle will hold its value a heck of a lot better than that bike would.

did you look at any of the robertson composite stocks? Tim carries a few they are really nice looking and delivery time is quicker and i think they are a bit less expensive than the McMillian. I ended up putting a scope that i already had on my gun. I want the NSX5.5x22x56 but the luepold 6.5x20x50 does everthing i need for a lot less money.
Did not get any pics...Stonepony on here did the evil deed with the arrow...I'm just the beneficiary of the meat :thumbup:

Yeah Tim and I talked about the Robertson stocks..

Those Night force scopes at 2K hurt...a surgeon action alone was $1200

I'm probably gonna just throw down for a box stock Remington 700 CDL in stainless flutted in 257 Weatherby...This caliber was suppose to be Weatherby's favorite elk rd.

A friend of mine started shooting the 257weatherby last year and loves it. Killed a 140" 11pt and a 150" 10pt with it last year along w/ a couple of does. Both were shot around 250 to 300 yards and he said they dropped in their tracks. I always dread this buddies phone calls during deer season cause you know he has shot another stud.

heck just buy the remington shoot the snot out of it then once its shot out then have the gun built. Do you already have a rem action?
No I don't have a rem action yet...and Tim said that by the time you had a Rem 700 action blueprinted it would be more than just buying the surgeon to begin with.

I'm torn between the 257 Weartherby and a 300 Win Mag (probably the best choice for elk)

Sounds like I need to get .....both :lol3:
I don't know just yet but I'm in the planing stages of it. I want a deer rifle that I can and will take to the woods every day. I do know Mr. Billy from Utica is going to build it. Rem 700 LA with a carbon fiber wrap barrel. That's about all I got right now.
Ok, I'll play too...

This is becoming my dream rifle. I like it more and more as my eyes get dim with age.
This one was not built by me; i picked it up at a gun show several years ago in pristine condition. Features include:

Macmillan stock w/ versa pod
Rem 700 action
.308 shilen bbl - 23"
Jewel trigger (currently set to break at 1lb. 4 oz.)

I installed, modded, or added the HS precision trigger guard/detachable mag assembly, shortened the feet on the versapod, a IOR 20moa base, leupold rings, LR/T M3 scope, eagle cheek rest/xtra mag carrier and the turner saddlery hathcock sling (which is what makes it so accurate of course :) )

I really like it. It will shoot .5 moa with custom loads. The only thing I don't like is the weight. I'd really like to get the barrel fluted, but don't know who or where or if that would mess up the accuracy any.

Plus, although its pretty now, it needs a decent, "working rifle", paint job. Will post pics when its done after i find a round tuit.

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Some say that fluting will mess up accuracy, but others say it doesnt matter. I have had fluted barrels that shot .25 moa so I guess its ok. Talk to Eddybo he would probably know a smith that could flute it.
methos...... man that is one beautiful gun. It does look a touch on the heavy side, what does it weigh?
ftsibley said:
.... what does it weigh?
16.5 lb. unloaded
wow. I thought mine was heavy at 14 lbs. I have not weighed mine since i added the bipod and sling so it will have crept up a bit. You have a very fine rifle indeed.
I did this...
Marlin 925C
Wally World sling
Rock mount bipod
center point illuminated retical scope
BSA Light/Laser
I free floated the barrel and polished the bolt myself!!

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Nice!!!!!!!!!!!! Now posting some pictures of some targets!! :lol:
+1 pictures of targets or it didn't happen. :smile:
LOL! No problem! Let me get a new range badge and Its on!!
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