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If You Want A M1 Carbine ???

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This was taken from the CMP site today -- it is from the CEO of CMP --

We have no reason to believe we will ever again receive more carbines. Even if were to receive more, there is no reason to believe they will be better than what we now have.

Point -- If you want an CMP Carbine -- better get it now!! I may just have to order a couple more!!

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They were all made using the same specs ... Here is what is currently available:


Seems that the Winchesters are always in demand simply due to the manufacture name. Here are the total production %s for each of the manufactures still available:

Winchester 13.5%
Underwood 8.9%
Saginaw Steering Gear 8.5%
National Postal Meter 6.8%
Standard Products 4.0%

As you can see, Standard Products only produced 4% of the total, yet they can still be had for less than the Winchester or Saginaw. I would say it would just be a matter of personal preference.
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dhollis51 said:
Capt you going over there anytime soon?
Have not made any plans as of yet ... would like to go once they get the AP ammo .. but I can order one ..
msredneck said:
Had a relative stop by South Store today....no Winchesters :tears:
... got one from FedEX delivered to my house from CMP YESTERDAY!! They still got some!!
righttoown said:
Picture please!
Sold it this morning --- looked rough!! However, it did come with an original Winchester stock (small crack on left side - repairable) .. came with an Underwood barrel dated 12/1943 and with a pushbutton safety ... should have taken a few pictures. My other Winchesters were in much better shape .. a buddy wanted one so now it is his ...

Here are the others ...

chuckusaret said:
I attended a gun auction last night that had several M1 Carbines up for auction, a Winchester and a Underwood and both in exc. condition. One sold for $350 and the other for $375 to the same bidder. The Chinese cheap stamped receiver AK 47 clones sold for much more. $400 up. The old veterans, like me, that had the pleasure to have used the carbines and Garands while in the service and wanted one have either bought one, are now either too old and no longer care about having one or have died.
Winning bids for M1 Garand bayonets w/case went for $7.50 to $10. 22 were auctioned off with the last five being sold in a group of five for $45.
Darn -- where in the world was that one held? Those are steals Not sales!!
CMP has some -- a little expensive for my taste ... $208.95 shipped for 500rds -- Aguila
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