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IF you would reload your own self-defense ammo...

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IF you would reload your own self-defense ammo...

Would you load "down"? that is to say, would you reduce the charge of a factory load to make recoil more manageable?

I carry a 28 oz 4" 1911 for comfort. I don't have any trouble 'handling' it at all, but truth be told, I'd prefer the recovery time between shots of a full-sized, steel, 5" 1911. Yeah, I'll admit it--if I knew for a fact ahead of time that I'd need a self-defense handgun, that day, I'd carry a 5" steel 1911 strictly because of sight radius and recoil. But since I carry for 'just in case', with a consideration for all-day comfort, I carry a lightweight CCO.

1) Ifn that was your circumstance and you reloaded your own self-defense ammo, would you ever consider reducing your powder charge so's you could duplicate 5" steel 1911 shot-recovery times out of your 28oz JMB?

2) Heck, let's take this one farther--I'd guess 5.3 -5.6 is 'lighter enough' to be cause a proportionate recoil in a lightweight CCO when compared to OEM Hydra-shocks in a steel 5" 1911... would you pull bullets on Hydra-shoks and use 5.3 - 5.6gr WW231 in good conscience?

For myself, I 'reduced' recoil from the Hydra-shok loads by using Silvertips instead; they're definitely less 'stout' than Hydra-shoks.
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Re: IF you would reload your own self-defense ammo...

These are Barnes Tac/LE bullets for the 45 185gr. slowing these down gave poor expansion at lower speeds. I wanna play around with making my own HP's by drilling out some cheap HP's to make them flying ash trays. Accuracy is gonna suck out past 50 feet or so but they will be nasty up close
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