Illuminated reticle scope for a .22lr target pistol?

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  1. 45flattop

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    Does anyone make such a thing that isn't junk for a Ruger Competition Target
    model #KMK678GC? For a reason a red dot won't work unless I decide to use
    a Weaver / Picatinny rail instead of the much more elegant Ruger old style
    base for the scope rings and this is just me but the Weaver style is just plain
    ugly to me, it appears so much of an afterthought without any design elegance.
    I do have a 2x long eye relief Burris for the pistol but its reticle is an ordinary
    plex type. It isn't as if the scope needs to stand up to heavy recoil, it is going
    on a .22lr after all.

    /*end rant*/
  2. lazi

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    When I got my Buckmark Contour I looked at a bunch of options and settled on just a regular old 2 moa red dot sight. Works perfect for me. I have a Holosun on one and for a bigger sight picture I have a larger Sightmark sight.

    They do make some red dot sights that sit in scope rings but most have 30mm tubes. I would just go with the pic rail and a red dot sight unless you want magnification.
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