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IM GETTING A G34: low quality PIC ADDED

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THAT IS ALL :thumbup: Sorry it is sideways. click for a larger look.
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You'll like it. I use one in USPSA. Make sure u put some Dawson sights on it and work the trigger a little. It will be ready then.
Stippled grip is legal as long as it is within the lines of original and does not modify the shape. I wanted to file a little under triggergaurd, but it would make it illegal for production. Sights are black adjustable rear and fiber optic in front. Front comes with red installed w/both red and green tubes to change or replace. I changed mine to green cause I can see it better. Height is high, but it isn't a carry gun and my holster clears it fine. I will take a pic if you want andpost tomorrow. They well worth the money. Lots of comp shooters use them.
No , guy I shoot with done it for me. I was changing my grip tape about every 2 months or so and thought I would let me stipple it to see how I liked. I love it and am about to get my 35 done the same way. Grip is sure and no slipping. Plus it feels just a tad smaller to me.
They hard to find used. You find one every now and then, but not often. I like mine.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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