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im in love!

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Finally got around to mounting a scope (cheap) on my old marlin 39a. Had to use the homemade mounts that came on the gun cause the person who drilled and tapped the receiver and barrel (yea, the barrel is d&t'd too) mustve clamped the rail to the gun and then drilled it. The rail is square but the holes definately are NOT! :(

Anyway I got the scope mounted and boresighted saturday and took it to surplus city today and got her dialed in for 50 yards. I then shot her "semi offhand", rifle in hands, elbow on bench and at 15, 25 and 50 yards I was inside a 2" diameter circle. This is a great shooter.

Gonne need to buy more ammo. :)
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Say it ain't so Joe!! You put a scope on a lever gun. You know those things are supposed to have tang sights! :lol4:
I know what you mean. I can't hardly see regular open sights anymore but tang and peep sights are ok. When I can't see those anymore I guess I'll be reduced to using a scope.
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