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Info/History of the Kimber 82Gs

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This was posted on the CMP site by the COO for CMP ..
Army purchased 20,000. Issued approximately 2,000. Transferred 18,000 new to the CMP. Most sold, only 1,000 - 1,500 remain unsold.

Of the 2,000 issued, at least 1,500 (and maybe more) returned to the CMP over the past 14 years. Most in very poor shape. Some have been sold as used Kimbers. Some will go up for sale when we are ready. See no need to divert armorers to work on used Kimbers when we have good ones ready for sale.
Also, read that Thomas Batha's book states the Government paid $345 each for the first lot of 10,000 units and $295 for the second lot of 10,000 units.
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Bubbat also had posted a very informative link to the history of the Kimber 82G...

You mods might track it down and put it in this thread...so its all in one place

So the Gubermint made money on the guns when we bought em... :p
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