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OK GUYS, I finally got all the tools to do barrell installs. After installing a barrel on a Mauser, I have checked the headspace on the Mauser and it falls within limits, the bolt will not go all the way down on the no- go gauge and closes on the GO-GAUGE. Question, Should I put any kind of sealer on the threads??
Thanks, Mike
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Thanks, next time I go to town, I will pick up a tube. I thought that it would probably be better to put something on the threads but I just did not know what. I have been thinking about trying it and reading up on it for a couple years and finally got the courage to try it.
The gun appears to have had someone in the past put a 308 barrel on it. The barrel was loose and you could turn it with your hand. I tightened it the best that I could with vise grips with rubber in the jaws. When I ordered the headspace gauges, it had excessive headspace. So I ordered a barrel vice and wrench. I cleaned up all the threads and torqued the barrel down and it is now snug against the go gauge and will not close on the no-go gauge. I wanted the experience to change a Savage 7 mag with a new 280 barrel on a gun that I own. I don,t have a lathe so I plan on buying a shilen barrel that is either short cambered or full chambered and plan on changing out the bolt head and bedding in a laminated stock. I have been repairing older shotguns and rifles for friends for the last 4 years, so this is new to me as I add more tools to my shop and get more experience. After working on 30 to 100 year old guns, this is easy with the right tools and fun.
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